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Chess Puzzles by Mario.

How to use this option on BrailleChess.Net

Usage:  First, select a category, e.g. 1001 Brilliant ways to checkmate.

Then, try to read the board with your braille display or speech software, Uppercase letters represent white pieces, lowercase letters black pieces. - signs are white empty squares, and + signs are black empty squares.

If you know the best move, type it in the solution field, in SAN notation, e.g. Qxh5+

If you dont know it, and want to know it, type ? in the solution field and submit the form (click Go).

The puzzle number field contains the number of the puzzle in that category. If you type a right number there and hit Go, you will get to that puzzle. If you clear the field, you will be redirected to a random puzzle number.

Do you dare to try out your Chess skills if so, Enter Chess puzzles.