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Other Web Sites That I Own and Run.

Apart from BrailleChess.Net I keep myself very busy trying to update my other sites. BrailleChess.Net is just a bit of fun for me, And maybe through it I can learn to play a good game of Chess with other players one day but that isn't going to be for  quite some time yet.

A-Z to Deafblindness  www.Deafblind.com Is a site that I have been building up for a long time to try and help other Deafblind people and to show Sighted Hearing people what Deafblind people can really do. There is all kinds of information there You can even learn how to Communicate To a Deafblind person.

A Deafblindness Web Resource www.deafblind.co.uk is another site that I own but find it very hard to get the time to keep it up to date with new information.

I have a few other sites But I will not bore you with them But this last site that I will list here is one for my Guide Dog,
Yes I may be quite mad but Wilma is my Eyes and Ears when we go out together, So Wilma is very important to me in every way. Wilma is excellent at her Job and is an example of the great work that the British Guide Dog for the Blind Association, (GDBA) do by training such wonderful Dogs and friends. Wilma's web Site is at www.wilma.co.uk