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Welcome to the new BrailleChess.Net Web site. I have made this site because of my great love of the game of Chess, Even though I am still a Learner of chess I have always been interested in chess but no one had the time to teach me the Game so I  thought that it was  time I did some thing about this and with the help of other Deafblind and Blind chess players I am starting to learn this great game.

BrailleChess.Net is a web site that I hope will learn other Deafblind and Blind people to try and give chess a go, As it really gets the brain cells going and there are a lot of Deafblind and Blind players who will be happy to play over the net through E-mail.

I am just starting on the road of Chess myself so not really able to play against any one yet, But maybe soon I hope. I am a member of the Braille Chess Association, they have taken me under there wing.

Right as you will have read this site is for Deafblind and Blind people who play Chess,  And for those wishing to take there first step's just like myself to learn how to play Chess. BrailleChess.Net is just a private web site that has nothing to do with any Braille Chess Association's or the Sighted Hearing Chess Association's. so if I get anything wrong which I do a lot, it all comes down to me.

There is information on BrailleChess.Net about  teaching chess to a Deafblind or Blind person, and the rules how this is done. And Links to Braille Chess Association's all over the world plus lots of other information, So I hope that you will enjoy going through my New BrailleChess.Net web site.

As a Deafblind person myself I know how hard it is to try and find information about Chess on the net that is accessible to us all, so I hope to gather as much information as one can about this Great game of Chess in an accessible format for us to use in an easy way.

Right less of me going on and on and down to why you are here.

Of interest to You I hope.

If you would like to E-mail me Please do so:

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