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A Description and Image of a Braille Chess Set.

Many Sighted Hearing Chess playes have asked me many times for a description of what a Braille Chess Board and Chess pieces are like as they could not think how a Deafblind or Blind person could play the game of Chess. Because one had to see the coloured chess squares on the board it self.  Well with the description of a Braille Chess set and Board below,
I hope that this will clear things up a little now, As i have included an Image of a Braille Chess set and a Text description as well.

This is an image of the Braille Chess sets that we use to play Chess on, in the image there is a chess board and the chess pieces also a wooden box to keep the pieces in.

A Braille Chess Set.

The board is wooden, 12 3/4" square (320mm). The "white" squares are sunken in to distinguish from the "black". Squares are drilled with a hole into which the pieces fit. The "black" chess pieces have a pin in the top to distinguish from the "white". The set has been approved by the braille chess association. It weights 1.538kg.