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BrailleChess.Net is now a collaboration between Mario Lang and James Gallagher.

We would like to Welcome you to the new BrailleChess.Net Web site.

BrailleChess.Net is a web site that we hope will learn other Deafblind and Blind people to try and give Chess ago, As it really  is a great game. And there are a lot of Deafblind and Blind players who will be happy to play over the net through E-mails and maybe learn a few things from this site.

For myself I am very new to Chess and only teach myself only within the past six months. for Mario well he is far above my level of chess knowledge, or even skill in this great game of Chess.

But we hope that with BrailleChess.Net many more Blind and Deafblind people will try out this Great game.

Mario has just added a great new feature to It is CGI script and this lets us try and find solutions to Chess puzzles that we with Braille Displays or with speech software can try out. It is really very good.

And there is information on BrailleChess.Net about  teaching chess to a Deafblind or Blind person, and the rules how this is done. And Links to Braille Chess Association's all over the world plus lots of other information, So we hope that you will enjoy going through our New BrailleChess.Net web site.

As a Deafblind person myself I know how hard it is to try and find information about Chess on the net that is accessible to us all, so we hope to gather as much information as one can about this Great game of Chess in an accessible format for us to use in an easy way.

Right less of us going on and on and down to why you are here.

Of interest to You I hope. If you would like to get in touch with Mario or myself here are our e-mail addresses.

E-mail Mario Lang:
E-mail James Gallagher:

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